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An image list is a collection of images of the same size, each of which can be referred to by its index. Image lists are used to efficiently manage large sets of icons or bitmaps. All images in an image list are contained in a single, wide bitmap in screen device format. An image list can also include a monochrome bitmap that contains masks that are used to draw images transparently (icon style).

An ImageList is a supporting control that is typically used by other controls, such as a ListView but is exposed as a component to developers. We can use this component in our applications when we are building our own controls such as a photo gallery or an image rotator control.  

This module provides functions to create, use, and destroy a cpl_imagelist . A cpl_imagelist is an ordered list of cpl_images. All images in a list must have the same pixel-type and the same dimensions. It is allowed to insert the same image into different positions in the list. Different images in the list are allowed to share the same bad pixel map.